Write Yourself a Love Letter

February 12, 2020
Why you should write yourself a love letter
Why you should right yourself a love letter


There's something so romantic about a love letter, and it seems to be a lost art in our world of sexting and dick pics… But I'm not suggesting you write a love letter to your partner but to yourself!


Why you should write yourself a love letter.

We spend every moment of life with ourselves—more time than we spend with anyone else—but how often do we actually nurture that relationship? For most of us, it’s easy to get caught in attending to the needs of everyone else around us without enough attention on our own needs, accomplishments, and feelings. But nothing is more important than building a positive relationship with oneself. Writing yourself a love letter gives you the time and space to highlight that relationship. Pouring love towards ourselves reminds us why we matter and helps us focus on the things that make us special.

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How To Write a Love Letter To Yourself.

Set yourself up in a quiet comfy area, maybe pour yourself a glass of wine, light a candle, maybe even put on some jazz.. Get out your journal or a piece of paper and start writing.

A blank page and trying to write what makes you so amazing can leave you sitting there completly blank. So here are some prompts to help you along.


  • Darling dearest YOU,
  • I’m writing because...
  • I love you because...
  • I am proud of you because...
  • I appreciate you because...
  • You should feel accomplished because...
  • You are fucking awesome because...
  • You are beautiful because...
  • You are unlike anyone else because...
  • I’m thankful to you because...

Now tell me, what do you love about yourself? Share at least 3 things in the comments below!

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