Treatment Review: Heviz Mud Wrap

Treatment Review: Heviz Mud Wrap

FYI not me in the pic. Credit to   Not too long ago I tried out the Heviz Mud Wrap where I was slathered in black mud, wrapped up in plastic and left to cook. I was staying in Heviz, Hungary which is famous for Lake Heviz, the largest thermal lake in Europe and a  geological curiosity.  (see my corresponding post on Lake Heviz) so, of course, I had to try out its most famous treatment.  

So whats Heviz Mud meant to do?

The mud comes straight from the bed of the lake, where it has gathered concentrated amounts of the lakes unique combination of minerals and gases.  These have an anti-inflammatory effect and have been proven to help with joint problems, especially with the high amount of sulphur and calcium in the mud. When applied to the body and combined with heat, these high concentrations of minerals and gasses easily enter into your system. The different gasses help stimulate the adrenal glands to produce more anti-inflammatory hormones and the thyroid to produce more bone-building hormones. The high amount of sulphur in the mud then helps to replace sulphur which is reduced in joint cartilage (sulphur is a basic compound of cartilage) from locomotor and rheumatic diseases. There are also thoughts that the mud contains the compounds similar to sex hormones and can restore the menstrual cycle and such help improve fertility.  

Who is it for?

This is treatment has been prescribed for suffers from rheumatic and locomotor diseases for many years. And it is so successful in fact that you’ll find St. Andrew’s Rheumatology Hospital in Heviz which specialises in these types of joint disorders. Before having the treatment you have to have a doctor consultation so to have an individualised plan recommend for you. Usually, these treatments plans take over 3 weeks to have real and lasting effects.  

What happened?

After I had a consultation with the non-English speaking doctor (that was interesting) I was recommended where I should have the mud applied on my body. Wearing a pair of always attractive disposable underwear (if you haven’t worn a pair of these yet you’re missing out…) I climbed onto the plastic covered bed and had what can only be described as black greyish goo slapped on to me. All the way down my back, on my wrists, knees and ankles. I was then wrapped up in plastic and this was the best thing and slightly scary if your claustrophobic, a sort of air mattress was put over me which was then filled water. I was also lying on this “air mattress” which also filled with water so it was like being in a waterbed. I couldn’t really move apart from wriggling my fingers and toes to which I felt the mud sliding over them, making me thinking of childhood mudpies and how satisfying it was to squelch your hands through it and feel it ooze through your fingers. And there I lay, only my head peeking out, embalmed in my mud for 20 minutes, occasionally shifting and feeling the waterbed ripple around me, a very pleasant experience apart from the 5 minutes of sneezing all over my self. I could have enjoyed longer but  I was “rescued” 20 minutes later, the feeling of the “water blanket” being lifted off actually left me a bit exposed and vulnerable. I was led to the shower where it must have taken 10 minutes to wash the mud off, feeling it slip and slide off my body was gross but satisfying at the same time. Handily there was a mirror in the shower so I could see the areas I kept missing. There was so much mud it seemed like I was now oozing from my pores. Eventually, I was “clean” although it took days to get it out from under my fingernails, never mind my toenails. And that was it I was done. While the treatment is relaxing, it’s not created to be. There are no frills, no extra head massage while the mud is on like I would expect in other treatments.  It’s a “does what it says on the tin” treatment, just in and out. Which as I’m used to having a more pampering experience I did find this approach a bit uncomfortable.  

The Result

Luckily I don’t have serious problems with joint mobility and this treatment is meant to be taken numerous times over a period of time but I did feel lighter and even a bit more flexible,  My skin definitely felt softer and I didn’t need to moisturise after my shower later that day (usually I have to slap on the body lotion straight after the shower or I shrivel up like a prune). This treatment has seen real results for those who have mobility problems and is a very effective treatment. The Heviz Mud is exported from Heviz and used in many spas in Hungary so keep an eye out for it if you happen to be in the country. It’s also used in many other cosmetic products including Hungary’s luxury product line Omorovicza, of which I have heard great things about.       During my trip, I stayed at the lovely Lotus Terme Hotel.  

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  1. How cool! Thanks for sharing this. I wonder if they export it to other countries. I would like to try it but I am also used to the more pampering services from the spas I have gone to. Great article!

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