CO2 Bath

Treatment Review: CO2 Bath


What is it

The Carbon Dioxide bath, also known as a carbonic bath or C02 batis a popular treatment in central and eastern European Health Resorts, like Rogaska Slatina in Slovenia. The treatment involves relaxing in a warm bath, filled with mineral water has Co2 added to it for about 15/20 minutes.  Afterwards, you are wrapped up in a warm sheet and cocooned for 30 minutes.


What does it do?

The carbon dioxide will widen your arteries, which results in a better flow of oxygen through your blood vessels, thus increasing your blood circulation. This also in turn to helps lower blood pressure, supports the kidneys and even increases your metabolism. It is essential that the temperature of the bath is between 32/34 just slightly lower than your body temperature. As the bath cools the skin absorbs the Co2.


Who is it for?

Everyone can benefit from better circulation but in particular those of an older age who may be suffering from results of bad circulation, like high or low blood pressure, poorly healing wounds ect.

What happened

I was very kindly given the chance to experience this treatment at the Rogaska Medical Centre. After filling out my consultation, my therapist brought me into the treatment room and shown the bath. The water looks completely normal, it’s not bubbling or anything, but when you get in little bubbles start to form on your skin, and you can feel it sort of tickle at your skin.


After spending 20 minutes relaxing in the bath, I was starting to get a bit cold so I was glad to see the therapist return. She wrapped me up in a warm bath sheet and helped me on to the treatment bed, where I spent the next 30 minutes happily napping in my cocoon.

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Thoughts on the CO2 Bath treatment.

Afterwards, I definitely felt like I had more energy. The final few minutes of the bath were a bit uncomfortable but it made being wrapped up afterwards so much more enjoyable.  To get the full benefits you need to do a course of them. The CO2 baths are usually prescribed by the balentologist after a consultation and combinedd with other treatments over a few weeks during a stay at a health resort.


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