The Top Rated Beauty Tools on Amazon.

The Top Rated Beauty Tools on Amazon

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The Top Rated Beauty Tools on Amazon

Step up your skincare routine!


There’s a whole wide world full of skincare tools and beauty gadgets that promise to make your life much easier – or at least help your skin! And one of the best places to find them, the mecca of all things necessary and unnecessary – Amazon! If you’ve ever found yourself on that side of Amazon, you know there are dozens, ranging from the practical to the wacky (a “nose lifter and shaper,” anyone?). But I love when I come across things that I think didn’t need and once I get it, I can’t believe how I lived life without it. Hello, my eye massager!



I’m all for descending into an Amazon black hole, but it can be rather overwhelming with so many options for even for a simple jade roller. Plus there’s a lot of cheap knock offs, so how do know which ones work? Do you have time to read through every review? Didn’t think so. To help save you time and effort, I have put together a list together of the reviewed best skin care tools and beauty gadgets.  You’ll soon wonder how on earth you lived without these game-changing beauty tools. Plus some of these are great dupes for more expensive versions!


Ready to experience the glory of Amazon’s beauty gadget selection? Keep scrolling for my top product picks.



1.Eye Massager

Suffering from puffy eyes and dark circles – I think that’s all of us! An eye massager can help increase circulation, which reduces swelling around the eyes and improves the look of dark circles. The vibrations also relax the muscles and help ease tension, which feels so good! An eye massager can also help your products absorb better into the skin. All of these benefits combine to give an anti-ageing effect.

I would LOVE to try the Foreo Iris Eye Massager  but I’ve been using the Sunway one below for the past year and I couldn’t survive without it!



Amazon UK

Sunmay Halo Sonic Eye Massager   £26.99



Amazon US

Landwind Eye Massager    $18.89

2. Jade Roller

A naturally cool crystal, it calms swelling and redness in seconds when combined with upwards and outwards rolling motions, and helps shuttle skincare products into the skin with zero wastage. There are a lot of cheap copies out there but these ones on Amazon have thousands of 5-star reviews to back them up.

Want to know how to use a Jade Roller? Learn all here

3. Derma roller | Micro-Needling


No, it’s not a medieval torture device but a great little beauty gadget that can give your skincare routine an extra boost! Like a miniature paint roller but with hundreds of sharp microneedles, which when rolled over the skin penetrate and create micro punctures in the dermis –  I promise it doesn’t hurt (that much).  The device is rolled over the treatment area, where it creates thousands of tiny pinpricks only 0.1mm wide into the dermis of the skin.

These pinpricks are so tiny that they will close rapidly and the skin can recover quickly. This helps the products penetrate your skin better and get to the lower levels of the skin where they work the best. There’s also thought that in response to a Derma roller treatment, your body will naturally regenerate and repair the skin and the dermis below the surface in the treated area, forming new collagen and skin cells. But the jury is still out on whether at home derma rolling goes deep enough to stimulate collagen production. However, professional treatments definitely do!

There are hundreds of different types of derma rollers on Amazon but only one that has over 2000 top reviews on and


Amazon UK      £13.97

Amazon US     $17.97

4. Dermaplaning Tool

I started shaving my face a few months ago and my foundation has never looked better! I was shocked at how much fuzz came off. It’s also excellent for exfoliating and keeping the skin smooth. There is something very satisfying seeing the fuzzy hair and dead skin come off. It’s a simple and quick fix for keeping the skin smooth and there are some great low-cost options. Also used an eyebrow shaper, you can use them multiple times, making sure you give it a good clean afterwards.




5. Facial Steamer

Next on my to-buy list is a facial steamer. I love the steamer part of a facial, and now you can recreate it home. Associated with opening and clearing out pores it also helps dry skin by adding moisture, opens pores to allow better penetration of products, relieves sinus congestion, and promotes blood circulation. In the same way that a damp sponge is more absorbent than one that is bone dry, steamed skin is more receptive to active ingredients.


Amazon UK £22.99

Amazon US  $25.99



6. Ice Roller

Get ready to wake up your skin! A simple handheld gadget filled with gel and water that you roll across your face for a revitalising massage. They can instantly reduce the look of fatigue, puffiness, and redness on the face as well as around the eyes. They also feel amazing if you’ve had a few drinks the night before….

Amazon  UK

Project E Beauty Ice Roller     £12.99


Amazon US

ESARORA Ice Roller   $12.99


7. Facial Cleansing Brush

A facial cleansing brush is one of those skin essentials that once you start using you wonder how you ever survived without it!  They remove more dirt and oil than washing alone and are especially useful for city dwellers (pollution is not your skin’s friend) There are so many out there and the trusty Clarisonic is still superior in my opinion but if you want to try some good value options before making taking the plunge and investing, have a look at these top-rated options from Amazon.

I’ve split them into two types. Silicone and soft brush head.


Silicone Face Cleansing



Amazon UK £30.99

Sunmay Leaf Sonic Facial Cleanser


Amazon US

SOLO Mio Sonic Facial Brush    $37.73


Amazon UK

CLSEVXY Waterproof Face Brush £11.99



Amazon US

PIXNOR Facial Cleansing Brush  $19.99


Do you have any top rated beauty tools you found on Amazon? Any skin care gadgets that you swear by?

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