Sleeping Beauty – The Best Overnight Face Masks

Sleep and face masks! Two of my favourite things! So combining them makes me very happy!  The lazy way to get flawless skin. Overnight Masks, sleep masks or sleeping packs (as they’re called in Korea) have become popular in the past few years with more and more new formulas becoming available, you can now find overnight masks that address every skin concern. 


Although Korea has been credited with starting the craze, in the spa industry therapists have been recommending certain masks to be used overnight. One of my favourites overnight routines was to apply a thick layer of ESPA Replenishing Oil, followed by their Essential Cleansing Mask. When I washed it off in the morning my skin would be glowing! I must start using them again…

Why use an Overnight Face Mask?


Sleeping is when your body and skin repair itself so it’s the optimum time to deliver continuous, potent ingredients to address skin issues. The overnight mask also works as a barrier and sealant, locking in your other active products and preventing moisture leaving the skin.


It also makes life a lot easier for those who don’t have time (or the patience) to sit down a do a full skincare routine every night. Lazy girls unite!


When it comes to choosing an overnight facem mask, you are spoilt for choice! You will easily find one that suits your skincare needs and your wallet! I’ve picked out some of the best below.

Hydrating Overnight Face Masks

Overnight Masks are perfect for giving your skin an extra hydration boost. They can also help prevent your skin from becoming dry by limiting the amount of moisture lost through the skin during the night. Especially if you’re using central heating in the winter dry air just sucks all the moisture out!

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Nourishing Overnight Face Masks

If your skin is feeling like it needs a bit more TLC, a nourishing sleep mask will give it the love it needs to behave itself again.

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Overnight Face Masks for Acne or Congestions

Most sleep masks won’t suit very oily or with active acne skin and may even make the condition worse, The traditional pore clearing clay and charcoal masks should only be left on for the recommended amount of time as any longer, you risk drying out your skin and causing irritability.  But the recent releases of purifying overnight masks means oily skin types can join in!


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Brightening Overnight Face Masks

With ingredients like lactic and glycolic acid having more time to exfoliate your skin while you sleep, you will wake up with a more even complexion and brighter skin.

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Anti Ageing Overnight Face Masks

As sleep is when our skin repairs itself, this is the perfect time to give it a helping hand with some potent anti ageing ingredients. Sleep Masks are also thought to help products penetrate deeper into the skin – which is where you want those special anti ageing ingredients to do their work


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Sleep masks are a great way to amp up your skincare routine. With almost no drawbacks, nearly everyone can use a sleep mask to get better looking, healthier skin!

So tell me! Do you use an overnight face mask? Do you want to use one? Let me know in the comments!

ps want to grab yourself a good deal? I’ve put together a list of beauty discount codes and special offers!

The Best Overnight Face Masks for every skin type
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  1. My skin is AWFUL in the winter and needs some serious rehydration to recover. I will definitely be using this as a guide for recovery!

  2. I’m always a little suspicious of wearing something overnight. How common is this kind of practice?

  3. Nice article! Whole day’s dust and pollution make the skin dull so there is a need of using these face masks at night. I will try them. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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