spa and wellness holidays

Spa and Wellness Holidays with Fleewinter

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Spa and Wellness Holidays

I am super excited to announce my spa and wellness holidays are now available with the boutique travel company Fleewinter .  After a year of work and research, I have selected a range of incredible spas chosen for their unique destinations, knowledge and high treatment standards combined with natural resources such as thermal springs, that will deliver on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. These European spas have been carefully selected for their diversity of different cultures, tastes, sights and experiences.  In the heart of the Spanish countryside, Castilla Termal Hotels offer an oasis of peace and tranquillity to recharge your batteries in a selection of stunning historical buildings. Discover the bathing culture of Hungary in Budapest. Rogaska Slatina in Slovenia offers you the healing powers of thermal water, while Longevity in Portugal combines cutting-edge integrative medical wellness and holistic treatments. Just some of the special spas I have found.


Spa and Wellness Holidays
Discover the bathing culture in Budapest


Spa and Wellness holidays.
Grand Hotel Rogaska in the health resort of Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia


Why choose a Spa and Wellness Holiday?

Life is getting more and more demanding, and now our holidays need to work as hard as we do. Never has there been more pressure on us, we need every hour to count, every day to have purpose. A wellness holiday can provide the perfect antidote to the strains of modern life and the rare opportunity to truly switch-off. Enhance your wellbeing with a de-stress break, and kick-start a healthier lifestyle with a detox or weight-loss programme. Manage health concerns such as digestive and sleep problems with medical wellness spas, rejuvenate with the benefits of thermal water and treat yourself with an indulgent luxury retreat.

Even for a seasoned spa attendee, the world of wellness can be confusing. I have created different sections to give you some inspiration and an idea of what a spa and wellness holiday can offer you.

Short Escapes

Give your wellbeing a boost and head off for a few days on a spa break with friends, family or even by yourself. A great alternative to a city break, you can relax and rejuvenate over the weekend and be ready to take on the world again by Monday. Enjoy a balance of relaxing treatments, invigorating activities and delicious food in beautiful locations.


Spa and Wellness Holidays
Castilla Termal Balnario de Solares. Located 30 mins from Santander, Spain. Enjoy the perfect combination of thermal water, delicious Spanish cuisine and relaxing treatments.

Relax and Rejuvenate

Today our lives are fast-paced, tied to the screen and busier than ever before. We are all aware of the serious negative effects of stress has on our health and sometimes we need more than the traditional sun and sea holiday. If your suffering from fatigue, a lack of focus, headaches, irritability, chronic colds and infections, anxiety and depression or just generally feeling burn out. Give yourself permission to invest in you and put yourself first by booking a relaxing spa holiday. These relax and rejuvenate programmes will help you address the causes and symptoms of your stress. Through in-depth consultations and holistic therapies, you will recharge your body and rebalance the mind. With carefully picked treatments you will return home with renewed energy and a replenished spirit.

Spa and Wellness Holidays
Indulge in pampering fit for a king! The five-star Vidago Palace Hotel, Portugal will transport you to another world, where time slows down and you can concentrate on you.


Medical Wellness

In today’s stressed world, serious diseases are becoming more frequent and happen at increasingly younger ages. The stark reality is that roughly 70% of all deaths each year are a result of preventable diseases. In most cases, they are the reflection of a lifestyle with high levels of stress, unbalanced diet, sedentary lifestyle, pollution and toxicity and social problems. With the amount of physical and emotional stress that the body takes in, it is important to make the best efforts to comfort and take care of it. At Europe’s highest-quality medical spas, patients can do just that. Combat chronic illness and ailments with advanced medical techniques paired with holistic therapies, many of which use local natural resources such as thermal and thalasso water. This creates a perfect balance of a relaxing spa experience with state of the art diagnostic treatments. Leaving you healthier, more energised and taking an active role in preventing your ill health.

Spa and Wellness holidays
Named as one of the best medical spas in the world by Conde Nast Traveller, Longevity focuses on providing unique health and wellness experiences with cutting edge medical diagnostics and treatments.

Weight Loss and Detox

From the physical burdens on our joints to lack of energy and increased likelihood of chronic disease. Our sedentary lifestyle is having serious effects on our bodies. Weight loss has become a common word. Everywhere we look there is a new “diet” or regime to try. One of the reasons it can be so hard to start losing weight and make better lifestyle choices is you can’t escape the pressures and habits of everyday life, or when you’re surrounded by high-calorie food everywhere you go. This is why a weight loss and detox holiday can be the perfect kick-start to a healthier life. When you are surrounded by nutrition and exercise experts, delicious but healthy food, have the support to try exercise classes and supplement with enjoyable treatments. It’s much easier to make the changes needed to start and continue a healthier life.


Spa and Wellness Holidays

Cleanse your body with a Juice Detox short break or holiday programme Longevity Cegonha Country Club in sunny Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal.


Please let me know what you think and if you are interested in having a bespoke spa and wellness holiday created just for you. My greatest pleasure has always come from listening and figuring out what are the most suitable spa programme and treatments for guests. I have seen the right spa programme change lives!

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