The Best Skin Device Tools to delay ageing

Skincare Tools & Devices to Delay Ageing

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What are the best skincare devices and tools?

In an anti-ageing obsessed world, we’re constantly being sold new beauty products that promise to change our lives, or at least our skin. We all know prevention is better than the cure so what if I told you there was a range of anti-ageing skincare devices that is more powerful at prevention than any skincare product.

There is no doubt that professional treatments can have dramatic results but as technology advances so do the at-home treatment skincare devices. The beauty tools promise a lot and don’t always deliver. However, where they really excel at is helping to delay ageing of the skin. And who doesn’t want that!

Navigating the world of at-home skincare tools is tough so read on for the beauty devices and tools that’ll delay and prevent many signs of ageing!

Cleansing Beauty Tools

You may not realise it but cleansing is an essential action to help delay skin ageing. As I explain in this post, pollution damages your skin and can cause premature skin ageing. To prevent this we need to make sure we are cleansing correctly. But sometimes, it’s not enough to just use our fingertips. Cleansing brushes when used correctly can deep clean the pores, stimulate circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. Also, the prevention of congestion, mean there is less chance of hyperpigmentation and scarring which leads to uneven skin tone.

The OG of the cleansing brushes Clarisonic has thrown in the towel. You can currently get 50% before they shut up shop and there are still plenty of great options. Silicone brushes tend to be more hygienic as they are antibacterial.

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Foreo Luna 3

The cult favourite beauty tech company have (almost too) many cleansing options.  Their handheld LUNA devices maximise the efficacy of your cleanser. It uses sonic vibrations to breakdown dirt and deep the clean the skin. While the silicone covering means you don’t have to worry about bacteria growing.  Their latest launch, the Luna 3 is an investment—but it’s one worth making. It offers a customized cleansing experience to fit your unique skin. The larger area of soft silicone bristles means less cleansing time and the longer bristles get deeper into the pores.  On the reverse side, the smoother surface is used for massage.
16 different T-Sonic™ intensities are available to choose from. Download the brand’s app and choose your settings for personalised cleansing and massage. This can help delay the effects of ageing by deep cleaning the pores, removing dead skin cells, promoting micro-circulation and relaxing facial muscles. You can also choose the model most suited to your skin type, either normal, combination or sensitive.
If the €199 price tag is a bit too steep for you, there are many other more simplified options like the Luna Play option which starts at €39. this is brilliant for travelling or throwing in your gym bag but you only get 100 uses out of it, which seems quite wasteful. And if you are making the switch from Clarisonic Foreo are currently offering €35 off! 

Currently Foreo has up to 50% off their devices

Available from | | | |

  • At the moment lookfantastic has the best deal price-wise and they usually have a discount code. Check out my beauty discount code page for more
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Be Glow TIA – All-In-One Sonic Skincare Device

BeGlow’s TIA device offers 3 different features. For cleansing, it’s fitted with a replaceable silicone brush head that sweeps away impurities and makeup when the adjustable sonic pulsations are activated. Mimicking the effects of an expert facial massage, the second head of the gadget takes your regime up a notch as the unique 200Hz pulsations help to boost your blood circulation, which in turn reduces puffiness, improves radiance and encourage better absorption of your serums, moisturisers and other skincare. The whole device can then be switched onto its dual pulse technology mode to tone, lift and sculpt as you hold it along the jawline, cheekbones or jowls.

Approx €225

Available at (US ) (UK/EU) |


LED to delay ageing. 

LED therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses different wavelengths of light to visibly improve and rejuvenate skin. At-home LED devices are made with fewer bulbs than ones you might find in a clinic, and tend to deliver less energy and density, but can still be effective. The most common wavelengths are red (which increases collagen and elastin production while reducing redness) and blue (kills acne-causing bacteria, regulates oil and sebum production, plus it’s anti-inflammatory). Green (to target pigmentation) and yellow (which helps wound healing), among others, are also available.

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask is the best website for everything skincare device and beauty tool related! So it makes sense that they would create their own product. The CurrentBody Skin LED mask is a flexible and wearable face-mask with several light-emitting diodes (LEDS) of both red and near infra-red light. These light wavelengths stimulate your skin cells to build more collagen and elastin and improve blood flow and oxygenation. The brand did their own clinical studies which found that use of the mask helped reduce visibility of wrinkles by 35% in a month, while 95% of users said their skin tone, texture, firmness and tightness got better.

Unlike other devices, the mask’s flexibility ensures that the maximum amount of light hits the lower layers of the skin. It takes 10 minutes to complete the treatment and is recommended to be used 3-5 times a week.


Available from Current Body, which has 20%  at the moment!

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Creators of professional LED products, LightStim handheld LED devices give you the opportunity to use this technology at home.

These type of tools are less expensive than the full face LED masks but be aware it can take 40 minutes to do the entire face. However individual ones are good for use on the hands, neck and chest.


Available at | (US)

Microcurrent devices

Microcurrent technology is a non-invasive therapy that sends out a low-voltage current that is similar to the natural electrical currents in the body, the microcurrent stimulates energy production to drive the creation of collagen and elastin in the skin, This can result intoned, tighter skin that gives the face a more “lifted” appearance.

Microcurrent stimulates the muscles which cause cell growth and collagen production to tackle fine lines and wrinkles. It’s been dubbed the five-minute facial (most of the workout setting on the Bear are three minutes) But you have to keep using it a couple of times a week to keep up the results. Think of it like working any other muscles in your body

I love this quote  “if putting on sunscreen is cardio, doing microcurrent treatments is weight lifting”

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The OG of microcurrent devices, there is is a reason NU Face is still the most popular at-home microcurrent device. It works. There are two options the NuFace Trinity and NuFace Mini. Slightly larger the Trinity has additional attachment heads for targeted treatment. The mini, as the name suggests is smaller but is more affordable. They both are easy to use in as little as 5 minutes per day. The lifting effects are immediate and with continued long term use you can expect to see improved facial contour and tone.


Available from | (UK) (US) | |

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Foreo Bear

BEAR™ uses advanced microcurrent & T-Sonic™ pulsations to exercise the 65+ muscles in your face & neck. With customizable microcurrent facial workouts & our patented Anti-Shock System™, BEAR is the most effective AND safest microcurrent device in the world.

The built-in Anti-Shock System scans your skin as you use the device, measuring your resistance to electricity at the rate of 100x per second. It then adjusts the microcurrent intensity (in just 0.002 seconds) to best suit your skin, ensuring that treatment is salon-standard every time.


€199 (mini) – €299


Available from | | |


Radio Frequency (RF) energy is used as a treatment to tighten the skin. When used to heat the skin’s deeper layers new collagen and most importantly elastin is produced. Radio Frequency also offers multiple benefits, including, lifts facial contours, reduces superficial sun and age spots, strengthens the deeper layers of the skin and improves the structure and elasticity of the skin

 While in clinic treatments like Ultherapy can produce significant results; at home devices produce more a subtle outcome. But with continued use, it will help prevent the further breakdown of collagen and elastin as you get older.

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Pioneers in the world of RF treatment devices, TriPollar offers 3 different products of varying levels of radiofrequency and intensities. The TriPollar Stop focuses 4 low power beams deep into the dermis layer of your skin, while the TriPollar Stop V has the added Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) technology which helps the tone the skin as well. Finally, the TriPollar X  follows on from the unprecedented success of the existing range of TriPollar Stop devices. This device is the first of its kind to incorporate Multi-Radio Frequency technology, which is something that has only previously been available in salons.

Available from (which has 40/50% off Tripollar at the moment!) (US) | (UK/EU) | |


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FaceTite by Silk’n

FaceTite combines three energy sources in one device for greater efficiency: Bipolar RF (radio frequency) energy, LED light energy and IR (infrared) heat energy. It’s a great device for combining different technologies but due to the smaller surface area it will take longer to use peruse compared with other devices. It’s price point also make a good choice for those just starting to dip their toes into the skin device world.

Available from (currently has 45% off!!) |

Which Beauty Device to get?

And that is the question! It all depends on what your current and future concerns will be.

Any questions let me know in the comments!

Also Current Body has just launched their Black Friday Sale  – some of these skincare devices are 50% off!!

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