Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia

Rogaska Slatina, Spa Resort, Slovenia


Rogaska Slatina, a synonym for health in Slovenia

I won’t lie the reason I wanted to visit spa town Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia was because it looked so pretty but while I was there I learnt about the incredible mineral water Donat Mg and the power of Magnesium and its restorative healing powers on our health.

The power of Donat Mg dates back over 8000 years and It is said when the winged horse Pegasus landed on the ground healing water burst onto the surface. Formed at a depth of 260 to 600m by the dissolution of rocks rich in magnesium, calcium, sulphates, hydrogen, it is the composition and the exceptionally high content of these minerals along with large quantities of free carbonic acids (ie that water is naturally sparkling) which makes it a one of a kind natural mineral water.

But, before I get ahead of myself lets talk about the resort.

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The Spa Resort


Rogaska Slatina is a synonym for health-resort tourism in Slovenia, the name literally means ‘Rogatec springs’, referring to the source of mineral water. Located in eastern Slovenia, it has developed as a spa resort over hundreds of years being officially established in 1803.


In its Golden age in the early 20th century, it attracted nobility and royalty with its famous cures. And walking through the magnificent park, with the Grand Hotel Rogaska on one side you are transported to a different time.

The first thing you notice is the peace. Even though there are more than 10 different hotels and apartments, it’s so quiet. I felt I was ruining the atmosphere by rolling up with my suitcase noisily being dragged behind me.

Walking up to the Grand Hotel Rogaska I was in awe of its grandeur, the real thing was so much more spectacular than the pictures.  After eventually finding my way to the reception (the hotel is a bit of a maze), I settled in for my 3-night stay.

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Mainly classical in style the hotel has a slight mix of modern, the rooms are not the most stylish but they have all the trimmings of a four-star hotel.  Apart from tea making facilities, which I found out later, you can request to the room after scaring the room service guy by answering the door with a charcoal face mask on…

First thing, of course, was the spa. There is a beautiful indoor swimming pool which is filled with the thermal water and has various jets along the side and underwater seating. I could spend all day with the jets against my shoulders, working out those knots! On the second level was various steam and saunas, which entertained me for awhile moving between them. Then there was the Kneip walk (walking in cold walk water over stones – I should really do a spa glossary) and the tepidarium loungers – warm marble loungers, which the heat just sinks into your bones. I could spend forever on them!

After all my heat treatments I was ready for my massage. They have a wonderful phillipino girl who is trained in hilot massage, basically lots of stretches and working the muscles out -which I really needed after dragging my suitcase up a giant hill the other day  (bloody google maps!)

As part of your stay, you have complimentary access to the wellness activities including meditation, yoga and nordic walking. Unfortunately, because of meetings (and spa treatments), I couldn’t take part, but I heard great feedback. You also have access to the outdoor thermal pools but they are only open from April to October.

The peace and quiet continue through the day and by 10 pm the whole resort is in bed.

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The next day I went to visit the Rogaska Medical centre. And wow! This is where you do the drinking therapy which I explain about in a bit.

It’s a state of the art medical centre that does EVERYTHING. Although based on the cure of Donut Mg they do all medical tests –

I was blown away by it. I’ve never come across a place that prescribes medical tests along with balneotherapy, massage and other various treatments. For example one of the programmes I now offer with the medical centre is the gastro programme which includes

  • specialist examination by a gastroenterologist;
  • additional diagnostics at the discretion of a specialist for an additional payment (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, breathing test, ultrasound);
  • body composition measurement;
  • treatment with the Donat Mg healing mineral water from the spring, three times a day;
  • laboratory tests package;
  • 3 mineral baths and 3 herbal baths;
  • 3 medical manual massages (30 minutes);
  • 3 reflexive foot massages or colon/abdominal massage.

And it’s all much cheaper than having the test done at home! It inspired me to set up a section of the website to include Medical Wellness

They very kindly gave me the experience of having a CO2 bath (what is a co2 bath I hear you ask… find out)

Like the rest of Slovenia I fell in love with Rogaska Slatina, and I really can’t believe it is still so unknown and part of me wants to keep it for myself, but I can’t do that to you. If you want to experience it for yourself drop me a mail at and have a look at some programmes I’ve put together.

Rogaska Slatina, Spa Resort Slovenia, combining the old and the new for your health.
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