Ireland Beauty Bloggers Best Beauty Buys

Irelands Beauty Bloggers share their favourite Irish Beauty Product Picks!

Irelands Beauty Bloggers share their favourite Irish Beauty Products!


The beauty scene in Ireland has never been better, there are so many great Irish beauty brands now that we have our pick of products. And who better to recommend the best products than Irelands beauty bloggers! I spoke to some of my favourite bloggers and these are their favourite Irish Beauty Product picks!

Irish Beauty Product Picks!

Sculpted by Aimee Connelly Beauty Base

“I’m always on the lookout for multi tasking products that give your skin that hyper real glow without having to sacrifice basic everyday skincare protection like SPF.

Everybody’s skin is dehydrated these days so the hyaluronic acid boost in this is a god send! For me it’s a triple threat! Can’t wait to get my hands on the pearl version! The original was my summer 2019 must have!”

-Laura  @theglamshamrock

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Pestle & Mortar NMF Lactic Acid Toner

“I find it really moisturising while also removing and exfoliating dead skin. My face always feels really smooth after. It’s cruelty free and an all natural Irish based product”

Sculpted by Aimee Connolly Second Skin Foundation


“The finish of this foundation is beautiful. I feel it gives a lovely amount of coverage, which definitely can be built up. Although the coverage is quite decent, it still has a lovely radiance to it that makes the skin look flawless but glowy. If you are a fan of medium coverage, that is most definitely buildable but still want your skin to look radiant and natural then this foundation will be right up your street in my opinion. There is also a matte version available for oilier skins. The SPF 50 freaked me a bit. I was nervous that this would give flashback in photos but I have tried taking photos of this several ways and THANKFULLY, no flashback that I can see” See the full review here


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Holos Super Natural Activity Pre & Probiotic Spirtz 

“This spritz not only replenishes your skins good bacteria with probiotics, but supplies it with prebiotics too, which are food for the probiotics! Most of us use actives like AHA’s, retinol & Vitamin C in our skincare regime, and while they provide many benefits, they lower the PH of the skin, compromising the skins barrier, but using this after any actives helps replenish the barrier! It’s also ideal before you apply hyaluronic acid, as it works best applied on damp skin.It also refreshes make up beautifully, making it look like it’s just been freshly applied!It smells divine as it’s infused with frankincense, lavender & sweet orange oil and it’s enriched with  plant oils too. I’ve gotten great results from just over a weeks use, as my redness had significantly improved!”

– Sally @irishbeautyfairy

Luna by Lisa Jordan, Pearl & Glow Palette

It’s so beautiful. The blush is a perfect peach for my fair skin but can be built up if wearing tan. I thought the bronzer would be too dark for my skin tone but it’s stunning. It blends really easily and lasts all day on my skin. These  powders can be used on the eyes too which makes it more versatile.

– Jes @jescape2beauty

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Body Tune Instant Tan from Dripping Gold Tan by SoSubySJ

“My go to tan for those last minute invites when I haven’t had time to pop on my fave developing tan.
It has the same undertone that I love about Dripping Gold medium lotion and gives a beautiful golden glow and illuminated finish to your skin when applied. It’s buildable but not only that, it evens out and perfects the skin covering any imperfections too. It contains vitamin E so it doesn’t feel drying at all and it washes off easily in the shower but doesn’t run at the slightest drop of water (very important in this rain drenched island of ours eh!)”

– Celine @honestlyceline



Rebeluna Make Up brushes

“I don’t know how many of these brushes I’ve bought, I absolutely love them. They are incredible quality, wash really well, and perform perfectly. My favourites are the R02, R09, R12 and the R20. I got their Signature Sponge recently and I love it! It’s the softest sponge I’ve ever used and I’ve used alot. I love the fact that they are an Irish brand, I like to support Irish where possible. Highly recommend.”

– Yvonne @yvonne.pollard3 

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Another one for Aimee Connelly Beauty Base!

Sculpted by Aimee Connelly Beauty Base in Pearl

My favourite Irish beauty product is Sculpted By Aimee Beauty Base. I tried the original Beauty Base & loved it. Still do! I mean that golden glow is perfection. However I’ve been trying out the Beauty Base Pearl version lately & it’s edging it over the original golden glow one for me. This beautiful moisturising primer has got added benefits of hyaluronic acid for hydration as my skin is dry & also has peptides to keep my skin conditioned. It also contains all important SPF 30 for UVA & UVB protection. And although it contains SPF there’s no nasty flashback or that ‘ white ghosty effect’ as it’s commonly referred to in photos. I love how it can be used multiple ways.

Apply onto the skin giving a smooth base for makeup application or can be mixed into your foundation. I also love that it may be worn on its own to give the skin a radiant glow making it a firm favourite for me on non make up days. Beauty Base is one of my must haves & never leaves my make up bag now.”

-Sue @suesbeautytherap

Of course I have to include my Irish Beauty Product picks! Very hard to choose just one, may have to do a full post on my favourites but for the moment I have to go with Nunaia, read why below!

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Nunaia Nourishing Radiance Serum. 

Oh how I love this product!  More of an oil than a serum, it feels so luxurious when you apply it. Even if it did nothing to my skin I would still use it for the smell and feel.But it does loads for my skin, mainly keeping it hydrated and calm and skin always looks better after using it. Plus I know all the omega oils and anti oxidants it contains are helping to fight free radical damage. I’m down to my last few drops.. think this might be a contenter to make it as a Beauty Hero

– Sarah @awelltravelledbeauty

Have you tried any of these? Looks like i’m going to have to get the Sculpted by Aimee Connelly Beauty Base!


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