How to create a vision board

How to Create a Vision Board

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Vision Board 101


The week between Christmas and New Years always turns into mess of too much turkey, chocolate and not knowing what day it is. This year though I’m using this the (in between mouthfuls of turkey and chocolate) to create a vision board for 2020 and for the next decade.


What is a Vision Board? And how does it work?

A vision board is a physical representation of a goal or goals that you’re aiming to achieve. You use the board to display words and images that evoke the feelings you associate with the things you want in life. Sometimes called dream boards or visualisation boards, they are a tool used with idea of “The Law of Attraction”. With the belief that if you can visualise your goals you have a much better chance of achieving them.

And if it’s good enough for Oprah…

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How to create a vision board.


Before making a start on mine, I spoke to the and followed their tips on how to start.


  • Set yourself up with some sort of board – you can use a cork board, a poster board, or a pin board. The key to choosing the size is that the vision board needs to be somewhere you’ll see it every day. No point in making a giant vision board if its too big to put anywhere and you end up hiding it in a cupboard never to be seen again.. So  make sure you have an idea on where you want to place it.


  • Gather some magazines and start flicking through for images you associate with your dream for the future, the places you want to go, how you want to feel , what you want to have. The things you put on your board should be the end result that you are aiming for, but you can also include imagery that reflects the steps required to get there.


“Don’t think too much about the images your drawn to, see what you naturally pay more attention to or that gives you a flutter in your belly. Sometimes there might not be an obvious reason, but don’t let that stop you cutting it out and sticking it to your board.”



  • Don’t forget scissors, tape, stickers, glitter, whatever you think you’ll need. Print off any images that you can’t find in magazines or if you have a specific image in mind.


  • Settle down somewhere quiet, maybe play some inspirational music or music that always puts you in a good mood.


  • Start creating!


  • Remember there are no rules.  You can also create your own sketches and add them to the board, write out quotes in your own hand-writing, tack up your favorite affirmations, or add tickets (e.g. from plane journeys) to symbolize whatever you want to achieve. It doesn’t have to look neat or messy, you can change it up as much as you want.


Your vision board doesn’t have to look neat or messy. It doesn’t have to include a certain number of words or images. You can use pins and rearrange it every month, or you can superglue those images and make them last all year. You could have one vision board for your whole life, or you could have separate ones for different areas of your life.


Another option is to create an online vision.

it’s extremely easy to paste images into a Google document or to add them to a page builder (e.g. Keynote). You’re more likely to find suitable images online much more quickly than you would by going through magazines or brochures. There are also a number of specific website and apps to help you out. The Corkulous App  looks like your posting to an actual board. Dreamboard is an  online vision board where you choose images to match your action plan for the coming year and write a summary of what those images symbolize for you. As you add more images, you begin to create a vision board that you can eventually share with a community of like-minded dream go-getters.


If you want to make an event out of it, The Reset organise a Vision Board Brunch, find out more here.


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