How to create a meditation space

How to create a meditation space

I’ve never given too much thought to my meditation space. As long as it’s quiet, I’m good to go. But then I listened to Debra Duneier, on a special webinar from the Global Wellness Institue and realised there is a lot more to it.

Debra Duneier is the President and Founder of EcoChi, LLC, is a Feng Shui Master Practitioner among her many talents.

Creating a sacred meditation space where you can feel comfortable, supported and secure.

  1. What does sacred mean to you. What makes you feel comfortable, secure, calm? Think about this and If you don’t already have a specific meditation space. “Walk around, see what space in your home feels really good to you. A place where you feel kind of protected.”

  1. If there is a door it is very important for you not to be aligned with the it. In Feng Shui Chi (energy) enters a space though doors and windows. And if you’re aligned with  the door, the chi is going to kinda knock you over. Which is going to make you feel restless. So try and position yourself so you can see the door but not be alighned with it.

  1. The other thing that is very important is to have a wall behind you. This creates a mountain energy or what is also known as the black turtle. And it is very supportive. To have a wall behind you starts to set you up, to be in a power position. If a wall behind you is not  possible  a piece of furniture, a screen,  or a pillow or a cushion will work just as well to feel that support behind you.

  1. “The next thing to think about is what you are facing or what you see. What are you looking at? That is called the red bird or the rising phoenix. This is where your future lies. It is a very important and powerful place. Choose some art work or some things from around the house. That have a really good energy about them. Make you feel really good. And you can think about them in a way where this is what I want in my future. Whatever that is, again personally to you. No one can choose this for you. And if you’re not really sure. If you’re saying, well a lot of this stuff is in my past but I’m talking about my future, and that kind of feels so much more different in this moment. Well create a vision board, cut out some pictures from some magazines, books, things that inspire you. And make that board for your future and place it in front of you.”

  1. You could also walk around your home and collect little items, maybe from nature or photographs. Anything that has positive energy, good feelings and memories. Or things that feel natural to the touch, something that you love to look at. And collect these items and create an alter. If  you don’t have space for an alter, take these items and place them around you, around where you are actually going to sit and it could be on the floor. And every time you take an item, and you place it down, place it with intention, or with a prayer. For each item, this already begins your very sacred experience. Make sure that the things that you bring into this area are also things that are also green and sustainable and eco friendly. So surround yourself with things that are actually natural.

All of these things not only create a place that you can breathe freely, because your setting up a low toxic or toxic free environment for yourself to do this practice but also environmental integrity. This is kind of a circle. You can design your life and you can design your experience. The thing to keep in mind, is to choose an unclutterd space.

Keep yourself comfortable, add in extra pillows, wear a hoodie you love or wrap yourself up in a blanket. Whatever makes you feel cozy and comfortable and able to quiet the noise and receive. When you nurture your space your nurture the spirit within.


I love these ideas and will be using them to update my meditation space.

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