Beauty Hero - Why i'm loving the Cleanse Off Mitt

Beauty Hero – Cleanse Off Mitt

I can be super lazy when it comes to taking my makeup – can’t we all! So anything that makes it that bit quicker and easier I’m all over it. The Cleanse Off Mitt has become an essential part of my skincare routine. I love it so much, at a recent wedding I spent a good half an hour drunkenly talking about how amazing it is with my friend who had just started using it as well.

Designed to replace makeup remover wipes (which are bad for your skin and the environment), it is a reusable microfibre mitt that you just add water to and use it to wipe over your face. It even removes waterproof mascara! Created by the skincare guru Jennifer Rock AKA the Skin-Nerd, after getting frustrated with how bad remover wipes are for your skin. She spent two years researching to create this excellent product.

When I first got it I was a bit sceptical that it would work as well as a cleansing wash but it really does. It’s so quick and easy to use, especially at 2am after a night out! What really amazed me was how well it takes off eye makeup and waterproof mascara. No more scrubbing at your eyes and still waking up looking like a panda. It’s perfect for the first round of cleansing. After using it you should use your regular cleanser to make sure your pores are fully clean and ready for your serum(s) and moisturiser.

 Why the Cleanse Off Mitt works.

The scientific bit. The mitt is made up of fibres that are made with advanced micro-technology. They 30 times thinner than cotton fibre and up to 100 times thinner than a human hair! Designed in tiny loops, they break the surface tension that binds oil and makeup to the skin’s surface, gently hooking the oil and removing debris. Because it’s so gentle and doesn’t have any product in it, the mitt is perfect for even the most irritable skin.

How to use the Cleanse Off Mitt.

  • It’s so simple! Slip it on your hand, wet it with water and begin washing your face.
  • Don’t rub at your skin, use it in a downwards and upwards motion so those tiny loops can get everything off your skin. rinse and repeat until all the makeup is off your face.
  • Rinse using a bit of antibacterial soap to get the makeup and grime off. Squeeze any extra water out of it and leave to dry by hanging it using the loop provided.
  • Once a week throw it in the washing machine to give it a good cleaning.

If you look after it the Cleanse off Mitt will last years but it is recommended to change it every 3- 6 months to ensure optimum results.

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NB you don’t have to wear makeup to use the Cleanse Off Mitt. It’s just as good to use at night to take off the day or to use a pre-cleanse before using your regular cleanser or exfoliator.


And the best bit…. It’s only €5.95! At that price, I recommend buying a few and alternating their use. It also makes a great present. Spoiler alert friends and family – you’re getting this in your stocking this year! Get yours at or Cloud 10 Beauty


P.S Jennifer Rock has just released her book “The Skin Nerd: Your straight-talking guide to feeding, protecting & respecting your skin” If you want to know anything or everything about your skin. This is the book to get! (But don’t forget to come back and visit me )


Are you as lazy as me when it comes to cleansing your skin?

Beauty Heroes are the products I love love love and use over and over!  

It takes a lot to make it to this list!

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    1. The Primark one is good but the loops on the Cleanse Off Mitt are smaller so it’s more gentle on your skin and removes makeup better. Would love to know if you see a difference.

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