3 Reasons why you NEED to be using Facial Oils

Facial oils are the secret weapon in your skincare routine. They re-hydrate, intensely nourish, protect, re-balance and make your other products work even better! Whatever your skin type, facial oils are your no 1 way to a healthy, glowing complexion! In case you need more proof here are 3 reasons why you need to be using facial oils!


1. Facial oils help balance your skin.

If you have naturally oily or congested skin it may seem counter-intuitive to use oil. Many of us believe oils make you break out but in fact, using a purifying facial oil will help balance excess oil produced by the skin. This is because when you have oily and or congested skin a lot of the products you use strip the natural oils from our face. This then causes a reaction in the skin and your sebaceous glands produce more oil in compensation, resulting in an imbalance. Facial oils help your skin regulate oil production as your skin doesn’t feel under pressure to produce more oil. Plus Supple, hydrated and healthy skin is less prone to breakouts.

Your skin also needs fatty acids and amino acids the same way your body requires “good fat” from oily foods. A lot of the time if you have an oily complexion, it can mean your skin is actually starving for these fatty acids and will overcompensate by increasing oil production in the skin. By using the correct type of facial oil you are feeding your skin the oils it needs.

Recommended Oil

ESPA Balancing Facial Treatment Oil

One of my favourite oils and one of the best examples of why you should always have a skin consultation before buying. I have dry, oh so dry skin so my initial decision would have been the ESPA Replenishing oil (which I still use when my skin is super dry) but upon consultation with ESPAs expert therapists, I was recommended the balancing oil. As I said I have dry skin but I do get blackheads on my nose and the occasional super painful hard cyst types spots on my chin but I would also have really dry patches around my mouth and forehead. To try and combat the painful spots I would use a much harsher spot cream (I didn’t know then what I know now about skin products).  These creams would react with my dry sensitive skin and I thought it was a choice between having non-dry skin and a few spots or super dry skin and no spots. Using the balancing oil changed this and made such a difference in my skin. The dry areas stopped acting like the Sahara desert and the number of the evil chin cysts reduced greatly.

It has Lemon and Rose Geranium help purify and balance. Rose Damascena soothes skin while Jojoba and Avocado Oils nourish for soft, supple skin. And yes it is on the side of being an expensive skin product it does last for ages! I’m currently trying to get the very last few drops out of mine, but I do alternate it now with a few other oils, that explain below.

Get your ESPA Balancing Facial Treatment Oil here


2. Facial oils are anti-ageing

The cells in our skin are held together with oil and as we begin to age the oils in our skin begin to break down. Think about somebody who is their 90s, their skin looks super dry. Keeping our skin full of moisture as we grow older is a complex procedure (way to scientific to get into now) but using certain types of oils have been proven to help to skin retain moisture and protect it against the evil external agers like pollution.

One of the best anti-aging oils is rosehip oil, It is a rich anti-oxidant and been proven to support the skin’s lipid barrier, helps prevent damage to skin cells and helps avoid the dehydration of the skins oil glands. All of which contributes to healthy skin which will naturally look younger than it is. Not to harp on about ESPA but apparently it’s founder (My hero) Susan Harmsworth has used oils in her skincare routine for the past 30/40 years and looking at her ( go on google her) I dare you to try and guess how old she is ( she is very outspoken about never having any cosmetic work fyi) If you need any proof if facial oils work, she is it.


Recommended Product

The Ordinary 100% Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

Facial OilESPA does have an incredible regenerating oil but a new, very simple favourite of mine is The Ordinary’s Rose Hip Oil. It’s one of the purest rose hip oil concentrations I’ve found (think of oils like a wine press, the first press is the best, the second, the third ect..) for this price. Rose Hip oil has an incredibly high omega fatty acid content ( which is what helps keep your skin moisturised and protects it against anti-oxidants). I use it a couple of times a week at bedtime or in winter when my skin is feeling a bit parched I’ll slap in on in the morning. It soaks in quickly but you still have time to massage it in for a few minutes, which give an extra boost to your skin.


Get your The Ordinary 100% Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil Here



3. Facial oils make your other products works better

Oil is produced in the lower levels of the skin and it travels upward to be expressed by the skin. *warning science bit* Chemical substances are attracted to each other based on their similarities. (ie oil and oil will work and water and oil will not). When you use specific oils on the skin that are similar to the oils the skin produces it means when you apply these oils on the surface of the skin, these oils will travel down to the lower levels of the skin because of their attraction to each other (hey how you doin) This means other products you use will travel down with these oils to the lower skin levels, which is where they can do their best work.

The best skincare routine means using products that complement and work with each other to maximise their effectiveness. All oils will have this effect but its when you apply them how well they will work. It’s always best to apply oil first, then layer on your serum and moisturiser. Doing it in this sequence will mean you are getting the most out of your products. And you’ve invested in them, you want them to work hard!


Recommended Product

The Ordinary 100% Plant-derived Squalane.

This oil is suitable for use on all skin types. This plant oil mimics the Squalane which is found naturally in our skin. It is an exception hydrator and prevents ongoing loss of hydration and keeps your skin supple. You can also use it all over your body and even on your hair to increase shine and reduce breakage.


Get your The Ordinary 100% Plant-derived Squalane here 





A few more recommended Facial Oils


In general, oils that are combined are going to be more expensive ( it costs more getting them to be “nice to each”) but don’t let the price put you off. You only need a couple of drops so a regular bottle should last you at least 6 months using every day

You can also use more than one oil! A lot of the time I’ll use ESPA Balancing Treatment oil in the morning after my shower and then use the rosehip oil in the evening.

Some other oils you might like to try are.

Elemis Superfood Facial Oil

Facial Oils
Source: Elemis


I haven’t personally used this but I have been hearing great things about it.  It uses concentrated superfoods to help feed and re-energise your skin, giving you a naturally glowing complexion.


Get your Elemis Superfood Facial Oil here





Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil.

Facial Oil
Source: Weleda


I’ve been a big fan of the natural beauty brand Weleda for many years, it was actually one of the first brands I ever worked with. I love their soothing almond range for sensitive skin.


Get your Weleda Amond Soothing Facial Oil here




Nuori Perfecting Facial Oil


I got a very small sample of The Nuori Perfecting Facial Oil awhile ago and was really impressed with it. The facial oil is formulated to match skin’s natural lipid balance and has organic rosehip oil and evening primrose oil which are rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, and grape seed and apricot kernel oils moisture and provide antioxidant protection.

Nuori products are freshly blended in small batches every 12 weeks. This ensures 100% efficacy, as active ingredients are not weakened by time-related breakdown.

Get your Nuori Perfecting Facial Oil here  




There are many more excellent facial oils out there, which ones do you use? Or maybe this has inspired you to start using a facial oil.



Let me know in the comments below!








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  2. I actually love using facial oils. My two favorite are Vitamin E and Rose Hemp! I found both of them at Marshalls and TjMaxx. I love that they are not greasing and oily but they make my skin so soft.

  3. Thanks for the explanations on how the oils react to our skin and how they work in general. It was really helpful in picking out products you suggested.

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